Maine Construction

Decorating your house comes in two phases. One is to improve the structural integrity of your home and make it fresher and more durable. The other phase is to populate your home with ecstatically pleasing objects to reflect your taste and interests. Face-lifting the interior or exterior decor of your home or commercial premises is an opportunity to protect, preserve and breathe new life into it. Our highly skilled decorators repair walls, ceilings, woodwork and surfaces and then follow with protective treatment.

When it comes to a decorative finishing, we can follow your instructions. We present proposed plans, specify colours, finishes and show before and afters of past projects for all Decorating, Refurbishment, Extension, Loft & Basement Conversion projects. Extensive reach and experience in building and construction gives use 360 degrees view on project complexity. Therefore, we are able to advise you on Interior Decoration in a broader spectre and not limit you to painting and structural amends. Fabric, textured wall coverings, panels, Natural Stone, chrome, transparent panels, glass, curtains and innovative lighting all contribute, when executed immaculately to produce living spaces, which blend luxury with timeless style. Exterior decoration is an opportunity to extend the unique beauty and character of your internal decor to the exterior of your home. Walls and woodwork are damp and weather proofed. Brickwork is repointed or rendered and resealed. Lead, gullies and guttering are repaired, replaced and sealed. These measures will ensure that your home is both visually stunning and physically enduring. Purity, depth and accuracy of colour are essential. For this reason, we use only Farrow & Ball and Dulux in all our Decorating projects.

Table setting for an event party or wedding reception at the beach